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Thank you for choosing Lakeside Beikirch Care Center. We understand this is a difficult time for you and your loved one, so here are some commonly asked questions and answers to help make this a smooth transition.

What are the visiting hours?

There are no set visiting hours. If you are visiting between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., we ask you follow the instructions on the wall in the breezeway, and a security officer will let you in.

What should I bring in? Can I bring in my loved one’s favorite chair?

We encourage you to bring in whatever type of chair that makes your loved one feel comfortable. They may also want a lamp, pictures, or a bedspread that will make this feel more like home.

Personal valuables:

We encourage families to take home valuables like Social Security cards, insurance cards, birth certificates, and other valuable paperwork and identification information. We provide a key for the locked nightstand for safekeeping of items that are left here such as jewelry, money, etc.


You can bring food in resealable containers as long as the food adheres to your loved one’s current diet consistency. Also, there is a refrigerator in the dining room you may place food items in as long as it is labeled with the resident’s last name and the date.

Can I help my loved one get into the bathroom when I visit?

No. Due to the risk of injuring yourself and your loved one, we ask that you request assistance of an aide or nurse.

Can I take my loved one out of the building?

Yes, provided your loved one can safely be transferred in and out of a vehicle. Please call our Rehabilitation Department at 585-395-6095 ext. 4454 to discuss and arrange transfer training if appropriate. Please note, the transfer training needs to be completed prior to the date of the initial outing. When you take your loved one out, nursing will ask if you have been through transfer training.

How will I know what is happening with my loved one?

A family member or friend has been chosen as the Designated Representative (per the Admissions Agreement). This is the designated person who receives all phone calls regarding resident changes in condition and all mailings from the facility (excluding financial unless that person is POA as well). We ask that the designated representative share information we give her/him with other family and friends.

Can I bring my pet in to visit?

Yes, you may be able to bring your pet in to visit as long as the state criteria are followed. There is a pet registration form that needs to be completed and handed in with a copy of your pet’s most recent vaccinations prior to bringing the pet in to visit. The Recreation Department needs to approve all paperwork prior to the visit. You will receive a call when/if your pet has been approved. You can obtain this form from our Administrative Office or from the Volunteer Desk located in the main lobby.

What kinds of activities are offered here?

The activities calendar provided by our Recreation Department shows various activities throughout the month. We have care partners who offer activities in the evening and on Saturdays. There are church services offered on Sundays.

What happens if my loved one needs to go to the hospital?

Our staff will consult with the resident’s physician to see if going to the hospital is appropriate. The physician will give us an order, and we will either transport your loved one to Strong West Emergency Department (freestanding ED, no acute care beds) or call 911 for an ambulance.

Upon admission to our facility, we obtained the resident’s preferred hospital and placed that information in the medical record. Your loved one will be transported to the preferred hospital unless the EMT or physician decides another hospital would be more appropriate based on the resident’s presenting symptoms.

How do you deal with residents’ personal funds?

Each resident may open an account at LBCC. Our residents have access to their accounts at any time. If the Administrative Office is closed, the supervisor has a key and can be reached by calling 585-259-8844.

How often will my loved one be seen by a doctor?

Medical services (provided by either a nurse practitioner or our physician) will provide an initial visit to your loved one within seven days of admission. A complete history and physical (H&P) will be completed within 30 days of admission. Thereafter, residents are seen once a month for the first 90 days of admission, then a minimum of once every 2 months. The preceding information is per state and federal regulations. Should your loved one experience an acute issue, nursing staff communicates with the physician to determine what medical intervention might be needed.

Questions? Need more information? We’re here to help. Call AnnMarie Houseman, our Admissions Coordinator at 585-395-6095 ext. 4420 or fill out the form below.

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